12th October 2018

Who we are

Sustainable ideas for a low carbon future

We are a team of engineers, product and business developers who consolidated several lifetimes’ worth of expertise to create a specialist engineering company back in 2011.

Island energy is our passion, continually innovating and using the finest technologies in order to remove traditional fuel generator use specifically on remote sites and within the marine sector.

Developing our own analytical modelling and construction platform early on has enabled us to successfully build up complete power systems for a customer’s demands primarily using the available local resources for just about any application.

Simply put, we deal in the physics of energy. Aware of the challenges of running “off the grid”, we apply a thorough knowledge of electricity and harnessing natural resources and direct this energy to where it’s needed at the highest possible efficiency.

We have done this all over the world, from weather and power monitoring for remote sites in the Caucasus, to sending solar based power stations to Africa to developing a yacht to run on electrical solar power alone. We send and support our products as far away as the Falkland Islands, and we have developed systems for scientific stations, remote farms and homes, vehicles and boats, all with the same objective, to run the demand for electrical power using as little of the world’s unsustainable resources as possible.

Working collaboratively with like-minded companies gives us strength overall, our established reputation in the industry means we can answer your questions and achieve the results.

With advanced engineering, system wide communication protocols and a sound knowledge of battery technologies, we offer you a long-term solution in electrical power of which you have complete control.

The company’s owners all live off grid and have done so for many years. The team are keen sailors, equestrians and adventurers, so we offer advice that is based on real world experiences. We’ve been an integral part of the evolution of island, or off grid power, and with extensive and continual research and development, we offer equipment, techniques and service that have stood the test of time, by the company owners, their collaborators, colleagues, clients and friends.

We are continually evolving as technology does. Being at the forefront of sustainable power engineering we are well placed for new ideas, and new products as they become available, our extensive portfolio allows us to place these emerging technologies for more and more applications.

We are here to help and advise.

It’s all a question of balance…