12th October 2018

Who we are

Sustainable ideas for a low carbon future

We are a team of engineers, product and business developers. We’ve consolidated several lifetimes worth of expertise to create a specialist engineering company in 2011.

From the initial consultancy through to completion, we aim to achieve a high-performance system that’s in tune with its host environment.

And perfectly matched to your requirements.

The company owners all live off grid, and have done so for many years. We are keen sailers, equestrians and adventurers, so we offer advice that is based on real world experience. As an integral part of the evolution of island power management, and with extensive and continual research and development, we offer equipment, techniques and service that have stood the test of time, by the company owners, their collaborators, colleagues, clients and friends.

You can balance power from wind, solar. Minimise traditional fuel use, evolve systems, learn by progression on leisure and marine craft, in vehicles, at home and at work.

Using the very latest in in house designed methodology, tried and tested technology and real time monitoring you can learn how to successfully manage and maintain your local natural resources.

From a single element to turnkey packages

With an extensive portfolio in engineering and construction, we can offer a complete and detailed overview, from inception to completion.

We promote self-sufficiency for remote applications across the markets that are both technically and financially feasible. Please send us a message with your requirements. 

It’s all a question of balance…