15th November 2016

Vehicle & Mobile Power

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mobile power kits for utility vehicleDiscover our mobile power kits for service, utility and support vehicles to recreational, living and expedition vehicles…

Get in touch to find out how you can make your journeys more memorable and your professional services second to none.

We offer system design and installation for a variety of vehicle based applications. Whether it is silent night time running for urban utility services, keeping medical supplies chilled in a farm veterinarian truck or fully kitting out an overland vehicle about to cross a desert, we have the answer!



Powerful true sine wave inverters for running sensitive equipment.

Mix of 12/24 vdc and 230 Vac power depending on your equipment requirements.

Intelligent split charging including buck boost technology to preserve the starter battery.

GEL, AGM And Lithium Phosphate energy storage options for all budgets and applications.



mobile power kits for service support utility medicalAdd roof mounted solar to increase self-reliance.

Real time monitoring and control – GPS tracking, wherever you are.

Specific high energy tasks are easily accomplished. From motor movers to winches, no task is too big for our high power start up equipment.

We can offer supply only kits for campers and service trucks in 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc with mini-grid options.


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