1st November 2016

Solar lighting systems

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Solar-lighting-kitsWe design and supply standalone solar lighting systems that will work all year round.

These are perfect for use in the home, office, stable, garage, workshop, shed…

Modular, from one single light for an eco-toilet to a multi unit stable complex.

Tell us how many areas you want to light, we’ll advise on number of solar panels, size of battery, charge controller, 12v strip, spot and flood lights. We’ll also show you how to use it, and how to get the best from it.

All kits have at least 12 month warranty (depending on components) and are designed to be easily installed.

From £169.95. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.



The starter kit is a simple and affordable solution to any basic lighting requirement in areas or for buildings not connected to mains electricity. The specification below is based on an average of 2 hours of use a day, year round, to light up an area of approximately 13.4 m2 (144 ft2, a standard stable is 12 ft x 12 ft). The system’s autonomy in winter is for 3-5 days with no sun, and based on the lifecycle of the battery chosen, (budget/Pro) it will last from 3 – 7 years.

All components come with their standard manufacturer warranty and will not require any specific maintenance.
A true fit and forget system that will last for many years to come.

Kit includes:geckotricity starter solar lighting kit

–      1 x 12 V round LED light with on/off switch
–      1 x 40 W polycrystalline panel with solar cable and connectors
–      Panel fixing clips for mounting on any vertical or horizontal surface (not direct to ground)
–      1 x PWM solar charge controller (5 A)
–      5 m wiring kit
–      Quick installation manual

*** 8 Ah lead acid battery recommended



The Pro Kit is a more complete, efficient and sophisticated version of the starter kit. It has also been specified based on an average of 2 hours of use per day year round, to light up an internal area of approx. 13.4 m2, but it includes a much brighter LED light and a floodlight for outdoor use. The more sophisticated MPPT solar charge controller will extract on average 30% more power from the solar panel than the PWM from the starter kit, which is ideal in the winter months when daylight hours and intensity are restricted. The battery autonomy is 5 -6 day’s lifespan will range from 3 -7 years depending on battery chosen and based on recommended use, it shouldn’t ever need to be recharged at home. The kit comes complete with a solar frame for flat surface mounting and mounting for the light.

All components come with their standard manufacturer warranty (see respective data sheet) and will not require any specific maintenance. Spare electricity the system generates in the summer may be of use to recharge the battery of an electric fence for example.

Kit includes:Pro solar lighting kit

–      2 x 12 V 1 m LED strip light
–      Aluminium light mounting support
–      1 x 12 V 12 W floodlight
–      1 x 80 W polycrystalline panel with solar cable and connectors
–      Flat surface mount solar panel frame kit
–      1 x MPPT solar charge controller (10 A)
–      Remote light switch and dimmer
–      5 m wiring kit
–      Quick installation manual

*** 60 Ah lead acid battery recommended



The 20 W solar panel keeps the electric fencing battery charged for the horse paddocks. The fencer connects into the load output of the charger, to ensure it will never fully drain the battery.

Connect the battery to the charge controller, add the solar panel, and you’re ready to go.

An IP65 box protects the charge controller and keeps the elements out yet the clear lid allows to see the LED indicators showing solar and battery conditions (even from a reasonable distance at night time, which is useful in winter). We use this system for our paddocks, what a difference it makes! No more carrying completely discharged batteries around! The 20 W solar panel has kept the battery maintained all year so far, and we expect it will continue to do so throughout most of the winter months.

Equipment provided:year round solar electric fencing

–      20 W polycrystalline solar panel with cable and connectors
–      Mounting frame of your choice (flat surface mounting or A frame)
–      12/24 V PWM solar charge controller 5 A
–      wiring kit (battery cable and lugs, …)

Not included are the battery, the IP 65 box and the electric fencer/energiser

*** A 60 Ah battery recommended


For all the above: 5-year limited warranty for the solar panel and charge controller. 1 year for the wiring kit

WARNING: when connecting the solar panel, cover it with a cloth of face it down to avoid risk of electric shock.