17th November 2016

Leisure & Marine

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Why is a reliable onboard power source important?

More and more of us are now wishing toonboard power for an expedition vehicle stay disconnected from campsite hook ups and shore side power for longer.

Our campers, motor-homes yachts and cruisers are now much more modern.

You need GPS, chart software and charging points for phones, tablets and computers. And of course decent lighting, essential domestic appliances and convenience items.

You need the ability to recharge from the most accessible power source. This can be solar, your vehicle alternator, a small/portable generator and a hook up or shore power point.

Our onboard power kits for leisure and marine cover it all!


onboard power for a day cruiser
Run low voltage equipment at 12 v / 24 v as well as utility grade 230 Vac mains power on board.

Use one of our MPPT solar controllers for a greater solar yield.

No break facility should the hook up or shore power fail.

Galvanic protection and energy storage from leading companies.

State of the art monitoring platform, panel shows all systems including fresh and grey water levels, state of charge, solar power, energy usage, GPS track and historical data.


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