12th August 2015

What we do

Project Off Grid Bergey 6Essentially, you cannot create or destroy energy; but you can however move it around, and this is exactly what we specialise in.
Prioritising the use of renewables where possible, delivering power to the smallest LED light, to industrial high voltage island power grids.

Our solutions can power emergency backup systems, off grid homes and businesses, utility vehicles, yachts, motor cruisers, scientific stations and many more.

And we aim to achieve all of this with the highest possible efficiencies

We provide a comprehensive range of power products. With an in house analysis and design service and a wide range of fully field tested renewable and traditional generators, we can offer a very real alternative to the national grid.

Not only do we live and work entirely off grid, we also participate in the fields we specialise in and have done so for many years. so our time served experience is on hand to offer you a detailed vision of your intended application.


How does it work?

Project Off Grid Victron MicrogridElectricity is generated by solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric systems and if required traditional fuel engines. A system connected to the grid can provide self consumption from renewables as well as an emergency backup power circuit.

Energy generated is used directly. You can benefit from planning your energy tasks around the natural resources, excess energy where possible is stored for later or diverted for other uses.

Mini grids can give you mains power wherever you are. Simple 12/24v equipment can be used for many applications such as lighting and USB charging points.

Micro-grids can be designed to power your home up to an entire community.


AC or DC, or both?

Project Off Grid - off grid energy renewable solutions for marine applicationsYou can use electricity directly from the battery to run low-voltage lighting and perhaps other direct-current (DC) appliances, i.e. for a motor-home or yacht.

On the other hand, you can add AC inverters to produce mains power
Power & charge with AC and/or DC Generators, Wind – Solar – Hydro – Diesel – LPG – Mains

We aim to prioritise the use of renewables where possible, with our renewable energy systems optimised and MPPT tracked to significantly improve energy yields.


What type of energy storage?

The heart of any island energy system is the battery. This will store electricity when it is generated to provide power for when it is needed.Project Off Grid supplies BYD lithium battery systems

With proper controls and system design, a battery may now last 15 years or more.

We offer project metrics to show what’ll cost to run your system over its lifespan.

From Flooded OPzS, to Lithium Phosphate, Flow Technology and even storing energy in pumped water.

We can provide energy storage by design from leading manufactures and are able to offer the right type and size for your specific application.


What about monitoring and control?

Project Off grid remote monitoring via VRM portalMonitoring and control is key to any installation. Knowledge is everything if you want to receive the best from any system.

Using the onsite panel you’ll have clear insights into usage, generation and storage.

In a mobile application such as a camper or yacht you can view all system data, from state of charge to current from alternator, solar or wind, tank level indicators for fresh and grey water as well as track your movements using GPS. On board storage lets you buffer the data for up to 30 days and download to the platform when you next go online.

With a live internet connection you can also access your system with remote monitoring and control anywhere, as long as you and the panel are online.

We can show you how to make best use of your power system whatever the application through knowledge and control.

You can experience a demo of the Victron Energy platform here! vrm.victronenergy.com

You can view some our case studies here – http://www.projectoffgrid.com/off-grid-case-studies/

So what next?

Systems are by design; first we need to analyse where you are, or where you are going, model how much energy you will need, and when, then look at and how much can you generate using your localised natural resources and onboard generators.

Solar power is simple and reliable: we know that the sun comes up every day. Do you have an exposed windy site? How about a fast flowing stream?

Can we recover energy at any time? for exampe an engine alternator, a towgen when sailing, we’ll show you how to take advanatage of the free fuel from renewables, as and when it happens.

What’s your primary energy source and how is the most efficient means to store this energy for later?

How can we optimise all of this different energy even further?

Knowledge is everything, as we all move forward we are evolving from a fossil fueled world.

Join our long list of happy customers that have realised the economic and environmental benefits of manageing their own power, and understanding how to generate it. Self sustainability is key.

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