12th August 2015

What we do

Essentially, you cannot create or destroy energy; but you can move it around.

We specialise in two areas, land based autonomous microgrids and mobile applications, specifically for the marine sector.

Our aim is to ultimately remove fossil fuel use where we can, this can mean improving the efficiency of an alternator, switching from combustion to serial electric drive, or designing a system to run from renewables alone.

We strive to develop systems with the highest possible efficiencies and the maximum possible design life, using tried and tested green, and if necessary traditional generators, and the latest in energy management and storage.

With an in-house analysis and design service we work specifically to your requirements. Not one system is the same and everything is tailored. 

We live and work entirely off grid, and we also actively participate in the fields we specialise in and have done so for many years. Our time served experience is on hand.

  • We aim to prioritise the use of renewables where possible.
  • Renewable energy systems are optimised and MPPT tracked to significantly improve energy yields.
  • With efficient controls and system design, a battery may now last 15 years or more.
  • We offer project metrics to show what it will cost to run your system over its lifespan.
  • From Flooded OPzS to Lithium Phosphate to Flow Technology and even storing energy in pumped water.

Systems are by design; first we need to analyse where you are, or where you are going, model how much energy you will need, at what times of the year and for how long. We then look at and how much you can generate using your localised natural resources and on-board generators.

Join our long list of happy customers that have realised the economic and environmental benefits of knowing how to manage their own power, whatever the application.