28th July 2016

Case Studies

From a single solar light to powering an entire eco-resort, these are just a few examples of how we can move energy around for many varied applications. We have stories from so many different walks of life from over the years and we can arrange demonstrations and workshops on request. 

Whatever your off grid or backup power needs, give us a call or drop us an email. Perhaps you are just looking for some advice, or simply a new battery monitor.  No matter your requirements, we’re always happy to help.


Hybrid Wind & Solar power with diversion to heating for remote residence in South West Scotland

A 3Project Off Grid Victron Microgrid08m2 self-sustaining domestic property which runs entirely from the AC coupled Bergey Windpower wind turbine and SMA / Trina 10.2 kW Solar PV roof mounted array.

The 2000L thermal buffer tank stores excess energy from the wind and solar system and feeds the under floor heating and hot water tank autonomously.

With a well for fresh water, a rainwater harvesting system  and a sewage treatment plant employed this is truly and entirely off grid!

Project Off Grid Bergey 6We installed the power plant first, which means the house was built firstly with wind power, then with the combined effort of wind & solar power.

From first dig to last coat of paint, entirely with renewable energy.

Autonomous Microgrid. Diversion to heating & hotwater with remote control and monitoring

The whole system is managed by a Victron Energy B.V. Microgrid.



Remote Solar powered water pumping system in Devon

Set in remote Devon in the South West UK the customer wished to have water on demand for shepherds huts and livestock watering.

With a 65m deep bore hole drilled a 1.2kW variable speed AC & DC pump was sent down and then connected to the five 275W ground mounted solar modules.

Solar water pumping has seen a recent rise in popularity as the technology proves itself. With the help of local company SCL Water, we model sites carefully to illustrate how water can be moved and stored and what this means at different times of year.

The advantage with our MPPT Solar driven pumps is that we can simply connect them with a small generator or hybrid power pack as a backup in the depths of winter. 


Project Off grid

Appleyard Farm – 5kVa Microgrid with 5kW AC coupled Solar PV

Appleyard Farm was run solely on a diesel generator. Using diesel generators to power loads as low as lighting is costly in fuel and takes its toll on the generator itself. Not to mention the noise and pollution.

We designed a 5kVA Microgrid using 20 x REC 260 Solar modules 20kWh of battery storage and a Victron Energy Multiplus bi-directional inverter charger. The Multiplus manages all power in and out and controls precision battery charging. The Colour Control GX  connects to the Microgrid data to give real time monitoring and control. The connection is either from the panel on site or remotely using the Victron Remote Management online portal. The customer can see what the Solar generates and how it is being distributed, how much power they are using, state of charge as well as historical data. The generator hasn’t been used since the installation. It is serviced and ready to go should the depths of winter require it to boost the solar.

A complete change of lifestyle, silence with power and no more fuel bills. Plus they make some of the best cider in Somerset!


Complete rework of the electricity service for the Coxleigh Barton Estate in Shirwell, Devon

Project Off Grid at Coxliegh Barton

Coxleigh Barton is a 400 acre farm estate on the edge of the Exmoor National Park. Historically a dairy farm until the owners began to diversify in 1996.  Now a leading equestrian centre, with multi use industrial and office suites as well as holiday homes and events venue.

The owners came to us looking to bring the utility services at Coxleigh up to date. Starting with 19 individual electricity connections, we redistributed the farm to one central 3 phase point of connection in collaboration with Western Power. With the addition of a 60kW Solar PV array the whole site now runs directly from the array. The implementation of further energy saving measures includes LED lighting and energy diversion techniques.

The project continues with an off-grid theme in mind. With options for energy storage and the development of winter generation from wind and the hydro resources on site, we aim to take the entire estate off the grid in the coming years.

Coxleigh Barton is ideal for those wishing to explore Exmoor by foot, car or horseback. Amenities include riding stables and ménage close by and the sandy surfing beaches of Woolacombe and Croyde within 20 mins drive. And this isn’t just us saying, they have won the Best North Devon Holiday award!

We also have our office and hold demonstrations here. Come and visit! www.coxleigh.com


Off Grid AC Coupled Bergey Excel-10 Wind Turbine on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall

Project Off Grid Bergey Wind PowerBergey Excel-10 wind turbine AC coupled with a 20 kVa Victron Energy Quattro Inverter charger Micro-grid. The battery storage is a 76 kWh Lead Acid battery with logic controlled energy diversion to allow excess energy to be diverted to a thermal store.

A traditional stone built property in one of the most remote parts of the UK. The nearest power connection is over 3 miles away with a hefty £150,000 connection fee! With an extremely good wind resource on site an energy system was designed to utilise this highly valuable natural resource.

The island system provides electricity & heat for the farmhouse and outbuildings. We divert excess power so nothing is wasted.

Run by wind for the entire year including their electric AGA, the system also includes a backup diesel generator, though rarely in use.



Powering Mole Valley Farmers “Mole Energy” events trailer

Mole EnergyWe needed an example to show potential clients how easy it is to operate off the grid. Their events trailer, complete with lighting, TV screen, biomass boiler and sockets for laptops and chargers was an ideal candidate for a show and tell.

Using one of the 1600 W Victron Easy Solar power centre, we link up to 6 solar modules to the trailer. Optimised solar, utility grade 230 Vac mini-grid with grid hook-up should it be needed.

Fully monitored via the VRM online monitoring portal we can even track the trailer via GPS as it tours the South West showgrounds.

Mole Energy offer the latest in grid connect solar PV, service and maintenance contracts and commercial LED lighting systems. Check them out – www.moleenergy.co.uk


30 kVA wind and solar system powers L’Avenc Eco Lodge in the foothills of the Pyrenees

l'avencThis remarkable hotel runs primarily from wind and solar and has won many awards over the years for their work in sustainability. We are hugely proud to be a part of their team! You can just see the Bergey Wind Turbine at the top of the mountain, with the solar array below and Victron Energy provide the 3 phase Micro-grid.

Later on, we intend to utilise the topography to bring a water storage based energy system online. We’ll pump water to the top of the mountain with the excess energy as it is generated, then release it when it’s needed through a series of hydro generators connected to the Micro-grid during low wind and sun periods.

We highly recommend a visit – www.avenc.com


Kestrel Wind Turbine & 4 kWp AC and DC Solar Hybrid System

Hybrid system used for powering a remote farm house in Scotland.

Utility electricity is not available and previously the owners used a generator which consumed large amounts of fuel.

The 3 kW wind turbine produces over 6,000 kWh per year. When electricity is not being used and the battery is full, the system stores the excess power in a thermal store for heating and hot water use.

An AC coupled solar array keeps the energy flowing during the low wind days. Using energy as and when it is being produced reduces recharging and discharging of the batteries.



Off-grid Hybrid wind and solar in North Lanarkshire

IMG_1014 (2015_11_22 17_01_15 UTC)Newly built Scandinavian Log house with no mains connection. The owner went for the obvious choice, island renewables, thereby securing their energy supply (and price).

The system combines wind and solar, a 50 kWh battery bank and a 10.5 kVa diesel generator, as last-resort back up.

The lakeside location is perfect as it offers unobstructed views to the prevailing wind direction (220 deg. panoramic view). A fitting addition to this owner’s lifelong dream.




Water Pumping system 160 head of cattle from March to October with 3 solar panels!

solar-powered-water-pumpingThe reservoir is 800 m away and 80 m up! When the sun comes up, it powers a Grundfos SQ FLEX variable speed pump, sending water from the stream uphill, which is then gravity fed to the cattle troughs.

It even charges the electric fencer during the summer with the excess energy.

Our farmer was most impressed when he no longer needed to go refill and (hopefully!) start his ageing petrol powered pump!

A modern alternative to traditional methods.



First Echelon Sailing – what a difference a precision battery monitor can make!

firstechelonsailing.org“Montombi” is an IOR off shore racer designed for short-handed sailing.

Not only does she look fantastic, she also sails fast. And being one of only 12 built in the world, she is a head turner in the harbour. Her owner needed to know what state of charge the on board batteries were at, and how well the flexible solar panel was working.

Discrete system integration to suit the vessel, precision battery monitoring and control with detailed onboard power information.

Now safe in the knowledge that night passages will not end in complete darkness, Montombi roams on.

First Echelon Sailing runs charters and RYA courses for all levels.

Jump on board! www.firstechelonsailing.org




On board intelligent power system for an equestrian vets Toyota Hilux truck.

torchequine vetsTorch Vets in North Devon came to us with a problem. They needed a refrigerator in the rear of their vehicle to keep critical medical supplies chilled.

Combined with an AGM service battery intelligently linked to the vehicles main power circuit meant that not only could they keep supplies cool, but they also could run a laptop, label maker and printer without worry for the main truck battery to go flat.

These guys look after our horses and come highly recommended www.torchfarmandequine.co.uk/



Year round solar lighting for a stable and tack room.

Solar-lighting-kitsThese guys had no power aside from a noisy petrol generator whenever they needed a light on. A grid connection was hugely expensive therefore they came to us.

These systems are designed to work in winter, when you need the light. One single standard solar module will power two of our specially chosen LED lights for two hours. And every day during the winter months.

The great thing is that it’s all 12 V and completely modular. When there’s plenty of solar in the summer you can even charge your electric fence batteries or power a small inverter that will run clippers, DIY tools, a stereo, even a small kettle! Simple power kits that you can install yourself.



3kVa Micro-grid for an equestrian property near Southampton

The owner purchased this property with a view to progress her equine concerns. The site was equipped with two static caravans and outbuildings but there was no utility grid. After making enquiries with the electricity network, budget quotes came in at over £10,000 to connect… Not including the trenching required to get the cable to site!

We designed a 3kVa micro-grid with a 2kW PV solar system and 15kWh of battery storage. Installed over just a few days the owner now has an electricity supply, powered by solar for less than it would cost to connect to the grid. A small diesel generator is at the ready for backup in the winter and the Victron Remote Management portal remotely monitors the site. Now this happy owner has complete control over usage and costs!

This is a great example of an alternative to a traditional utility grid connection.


Solar electric fencing – The simplest project can make all the difference!

Solar-electric-fencerWe can move energy around for simple everyday tasks. This 80 W solar panel keeps an electric fencing battery charged for the horse paddocks.  The 10A MPPT solar charge controller was placed in an IP65 box with a clear lid. The electric fencer is connected into the load output of the charger. This ensures that the fencer will never fully drains the battery. Having a clear lid keeps the elements out yet allows to see the LED indicators showing solar and battery conditions.

What a difference it makes! No more carrying completely discharged batteries around! This little solar panel keeps the battery maintained all year, even during most of the winter months.



Bergey Wind turbines – Supply, installation and servicing.

Bergey-wind-turbine-serviiingWe’ve been working with Bergey Wind Power for many years, and we even have one at home! They are without any shadow of a doubt one of the most reliable and durable of all the wind turbines available at this scale.

We are official distributors and service agents for the entire British Isles. And we are very proud that our clientele comes from as far afield as the Falkland Islands!

They produce a 1 kW, 6 kW and 10 kW turbine with towers ranging from 15 m to 49 m.

The 10 kW turbine comes with an industry leading 10-year warranty.




Service and Maintenance

IMG_1477We provide full after-sales technical support, and we can also help you look after your existing set-up. Even if you didn’t buy it from us!

We can offer upgrades such as new generators, renewable and traditional, replacement battery sets and monitoring.

Service and maintenance is key to any device, with off grid it’s crucial! Give us a call…

Here we are servicing a wind turbine for a hybrid 1 kW wind and 500 W solar water pumping system we installed for Pearse College in Dublin, Ireland.

This system waters the entire permaculture areas all year round!



Specialist Engineering

The very nature of our work requires us to have some interesting equipment and it takes us to some very remote and often beautiful locations. Whatever the challenge, we are prepared, willing and able to succeed.