3rd September 2018


As we evolve within the marine industry we are witnessing the benefit for the environment and improved operational costs of updating the power systems in our craft.

Project Off Grid - electric drive propulsion systems powered by renewable energyWith an ever increasing demand for onboard equipment, we are well placed to offer the latest in power management using LiFePO4 battery technology for habitation, navigation equipment and electric drive systems on a yacht or cruiser.

For us it’s simply the ability to go clean and silent. Doing our bit for the environment is paramount. removal of all gas systems on vessels improve safety. The almost silent electric motors provide the opportunity to explore the untouched environment, without the worry of upsetting natural habitats.

Currently being launched at METSTRADE in Amerstam is a new era of integrated Victron Energy equipment with “Glass Bridge” and smart systems everywhere.

A ‘Glass Bridge’ is a MFD (Multi-Functional Display) that integrates a boat’s systems and navigation status into a large screen or screens at the helm of the vessel, so doing away with multiple gauges, brackets and wiring complications.

An example of Victron’s integration of their Venus data into a MFD is shown in the image to the left. It is a clean and crisp look, plus it is so easy to implement.

Simply connect the MFD and the Venus-device with a network cable, and that’s it.

The ability to show power management equipment on the chartplotters of Raymarine, Garmin, B&G, Simrad, Lowrance and similar MFD suppliers is now possible streamlining control and comminications for many on board systems.


Modern marine boats are packed with appliances that all need power.  Our new line of Transporter Energy 12v LifePO4 safe batteries are simple to fit, work very well with solar panels to store energy for when you need it, reducing and even eliminating gas on a boat.

They are the latest in fit and forget 12V Lithium Phosphate batteries, completely plug an play with an internal BMS and a 10 year warranty in a variety of sizes.

With twice the capacity and half the charging time of regular batteries, whilst also able to be returned and recycled, make your next adventure a green one and go lithium.


Project Off Grid - lithium phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technologyRecharging with MPPT enabled solar, wind and tow gens. When needed range extenders are in the form of quiet modern generators transferring energy direct to load with superior efficiencies. Generators are used for the least amount of time for the maximium possible yeild.

Charter and commercial vessels benefit from cheaper operating costs. Shore charging is quicker, and much less often, if required at all.

We offer turnkey systems with warranties of 10 years, with product design lifespans of much longer. You can be assured we are in this for the long run.


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