12th October 2018

Hybrid Power

If you are an operator of a remote site, whether this is a telecommunication station, an island community, or a rural area in a developing nation the traditional method to keep the lights on is to use diesel generators.

We have come a long way. Hybridised green energy systems have been tried tested and proved beyond doubt.
Even if the utility grid is available, it now makes commercial sense to keep your generated energy on site with advanced power management and energy storage.

Traditional fuel generators may still play their part in a hybrid power station, but their use is restricted, run at peak efficiencies, with periods as low as a matter of hours charging safe Lithium Phosphate batteries.


Systems have design attributes of 20 years with batteries guaranteed for 10 years of service with warranties to match.
Renewable energy is by design, to suit the individual site and matched to the requirement.

Resource analysis at the local level determines an optimum design to fix the cost of electricity for the design life of the system.

In depth analysis from the outset creates local understanding of the systems we employ, and how best to use them.

With a completely modular approach to shifting from fossil to green fuel, traditional  diesels can be progressively phased out, reducing initial capital expenses, continually improve operating expenses and ultimately eliminating CO2 emissions on remote sites.

We offer;

  • Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Satellite image processing techniques.
  • Computer simulations to model weather science and its variability,
  • Bespoke methodology, topographic modelling.
  • Comprehensive range of reports.

We provide on site works, pre-fabricated, prewired and factory tested containerised systems, solar arrays and necessary mounting racks and hardware, wind turbines, hydro systems and all of the necessary distribution, safety and end user interfaces.

  •   Real time data logging
  •   Start backup generators autonomously
  •   SMS alarms / internet connectivity
  •   Remote control
  •   Expandable and completely modular in design

Design methodology and energy storage continues to improve at pace, applications are now being realised where there is now no need for fossil fuel. Power can be guaranteed by natural resources, and systems can be designed by advanced theoretical modelling with greater confidence.

If you run a diesel generator as you primary source of power get in touch. Our bespoke modelling will show you the significant economic improvements of running hybridised systems with the return on investment on remote sites as quickly as three years.

Not to mention the benefit for the planet.

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