17th November 2016

Home & Farm

solar lighting leisure & marine vehicle power home & farm water pumping back up power

wind and solar hybrid energy system for a log cabin

Hybrid energy systems for the home & farm

Our hybrid energy systems are modular and scalable to any power demand. Whether it is for running your home or business entirely off the grid or even simply for emergency and/or backup power. Or if you wish to expand your existing solar system so you can use your solar power at night…

We have partnered with industry leading suppliers. From small holding to entire eco-lodges, using our in house design team, we can provide you with a power station that is similar to the utility grid.


How does it work?


wind and solar hybrid energy systems for a new build
We prioritise the use of green energy whereever possible. By using our in house designed off grid controllers, we are also able to move or heat water as a further storage medium for times when there is more green energy available than there is demand.

Very little is wasted. By connecting generators, green and/or traditional to our micro-grids, diesel usage should remain minimal.

The very latest in automation and remote control. We can up-link generators and micro-grids to our service department for total peace of mind.


Green hybrid energy systems using wind, solar and hydro, or traditional fuel generators.  Equipment from Hyundai, Perkins/Meccalte and Victron Energy.  Leading energy storage facilities using High grade Lead Acid, Lithium Phosphate, Flow and Salt Water battery technology.


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