22nd September 2018


Custom onboard power solutions for a range of utility, equestrian and mobile applications.

Reliable onboard power is vital as more and more of us are now wishing to stay disconnected for longer whilst running an ever-increasing suite of habitation equipment.

Our equine transport, leisure and service vehicles are now much more modern.

You need fast charging for phones, cameras, tablets and computers. And of course, decent lighting, essential domestic appliances and convenience items.

You need the ability to recharge from the most accessible power source in the fastest possible time. This can be solar, your vehicle alternator, an on-board generator or a site hook up.

Service vehicles need to power tools, technicians need to charge laptops, run lighting and vets need to keep critical medicine refrigerated when on the road.

  • Run low voltage equipment at 12 / 24 Vdc as well as utility grade 230 Vac mains power.
  • LiFePO4 – Safe Lithium on board energy storage that saves valuable weight, allows the full capacity to be used, whilst being able to fully recharge quicker and with less demand.
  • Run heating, cooling & cooking equipment.
  • Highly efficient, quiet on-board generators to recharge.
  • 10-year warranties now available on power management and storage.
  • State of the art monitoring platform.
  • including fresh and grey water levels.
  • state of charge.
  • hook up usage.
  • renewable performance.
  • historical energy usage.
  • GPS tracks.
  • Even geo-fence alarm systems.
  • All remote accessed, autonomous and if we need to take a look for you when you’re out and about we can even assist remotely.

All these systems can be also be adapted to any application. Simple solar lighting schemes for field shelters and barns, off grid mains power charged by solar to negate the need for noisy generators. We are equestrians ourselves, so we know what you need and why it’s important.