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Solar Lighting

Standalone solar lighting kits that will work all year round. For use in the home, office, stable, field shelter, garage, workshop, eco-toilet or shed. Modular solar lighting by design for self installation.

Leisure & Marine

Stay longer away from hook ups and moorings using trusted, top of the range power management by Victron Energy, including long life GEL batteries, lithium management systems and GPS monitoring.

Mobile Power

For service and support vehicles to on board living/expedition vehicles, make your journeys more memorable and your professional services second to none and never run out of power again.

Home & Farm

Whether it is for back-up power to keep critical systems on at home or work, or for powering a garden office, outbuilding or all the way to a house or farm, we have the skills and the components to power your space.

Water Pumping

A wind and/or solar powered water pump can be used for water transfer, cattle & livestock watering and irrigation, either from a source of fresh water such as wells or boreholes, or for draining low-lying areas of land.

Back-up/Emergency Power

A battery/generator hybrid system has significant advantages over a generator on its own. Your gen-set can be set to run at its most efficient capacity for the shortest possible time, saving fuel and maintenance costs.

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With the latest in methodology and pioneering tools, we can offer you an island energy solution using a range of renewable and traditional generators. We provide mini and micro-grids for varied applications, from the smallest of inverters to industrial three phase island systems. Optional online monitoring is available, as well as our dedicated after sales technical support. Living and working off the grid for many years mean we have first hand experience, so you can make an informed choice.

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